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We would like to devote ourselves to power users who want to remain anonymous when visiting web resources. The only convenient way to become anonymous web user is to use a proxy server. How to do this – we will tell you in this article.What is a proxy server?A proxy server is a provider-side server that acts as a “bridge”. That is, you enter the address and port of the proxy server in the connection properties settings. When you enter a site address, the request is not made directly, but through the proxy it processes the request of that user and redirects it through the target site. The website you requested is identified as visitors, but as a proxy server with an IP address indicating its location.It should be understood that there are several types of proxy servers: which hide the user and which do not hide the user. If the site has a smaller or smaller system for determining IP, the user’s real IP address, not from the anonymous proxy private mobile 4g proxies, but from sites with such a system for determining IP units, so for anonymity and access to closed resources it will be enough simple proxy. To hide completely, use quality proxy programs that completely hide the user and hide the use of the proxy itself.

To search for a proxy server, we recommend entering the appropriate search engine query. Published sites Open proxy servers in different countries is a very large amount. As mentioned above, the proxy server makes sense to have the following format: a separate IP address and port, or xx.xx.xx.xx: YY, where the mask with “X” is the IP address, and the mask with “Y” is harbor .. When choosing a proxy server, the site recommends paying attention to the operating time of the proxy server: the less, the higher the download speed through the proxy.

It is worth noting that it is not very easy to find a job and a better working proxy server, so you will need to test their performance “live”. Now let’s see how to set up a proxy server for the browser.

What is a proxy server for?Surely many of you have visited such resources, where your location, vendors, operating system and other computer parameters are indicated. If there is nothing wrong with the determination of the operating system, browser and other parameters of the computer, you are sure that many of you were confused by the fact that the IP address, provider and even, even more so, the location were determined. This means that the first reason for using a proxy server is anonymity, so neither the site administration nor other users know where to choose.The second reason for using a proxy server is visiting resources that are blocked for you. There are resources on the Internet that block users’ full access to your website or any of your functions by blocking the user’s country. This means that, for example, you live in a city and want to watch a video on a European site, but it is not available to users from our country using a proxy server of another country (open access). You can see this video. This is an example of limiting the functionality of the site by the user’s country, but some resources completely block the pages of the site, which will also solve the problem of the proxy server.

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