Building a New Sound System? Find Out What To Look For in Quality Speaker Wires

Speaker Wires

Before you invest in wires for your audio system, it is essential to know what quality is suitable for your system. That is not something you can feel or see. You need to understand what matters when it comes to these wires.

You can have the best or most expensive speakers and still have horrible sound because you picked the wrong cables. Let us look at a few characteristics of these wires so that you can choose the right brand the next time you go shopping.

What To Look For in Quality Speaker Wires

1. The Wire Gauge

The unit used to measure the gauge of speaker wires is called American Wire Gauge. The lower the AWG of a speaker wire, the thicker the wire. The thickness of wires affects the resistance of the cable, making it possible to run it at longer lengths. The Speaker wire gauge is usually between 22 AWG and 10 AWG. When you do not need a very long cable, 16 AWG will be good.

2. The Purity of The Metal

Copper is the metal used in speaker wires. You want to purchase pure copper cables to improve the performance of your sound system. Pure copper is more consistent with the conductive properties throughout the length of the wires. Look for cables made from oxygen-free 100% pure bare copper. Such cables will give you a high-quality sound system for your business or home.

3. The Quality of The Jacketing

You want your sound system to have system wires with excellent protection against cuts and kinks. Buy wires that have high-quality jacketing like PVC to ensure that there is less reaction to the interior conductor and that you can pull the cables through ceilings and walls. The more protected the wires are, the longer your sound system will give you quality sound. Make sure to check that before buying the cables.

4. The Wires Resistance

The resistance of speaker wires is an essential consideration when buying cables for your sound system. You want wires that will give you less resistance because high resistance interferes with the quality of the sound. To achieve that, look for speaker wires that have thicker wire gauges—the thicker the gauge, the lower the resistance.

5. The Strand Count

Strand count in speaker wires does not necessarily affect the sound quality. However, it determines how flexible and easy it will be to install the cables. A higher strand count will give you more flexibility, making it easy to dress the cables. Check the number of strands in each speaker wire before buying to ensure you buy something that makes your work easy.


At the end of the day, you should be able to go home with safe speaker wires made from high-quality materials that fit the needs of your sound system. You have all the information you need to pick out cables that are a perfect fit for your audio system. Refer to this article if you forget something when buying.

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