Best Treatments for Facial Acne Near You


Facial acne is a frustrating and often embarrassing condition that affects many people every day of their lives in one way or another, often as children before they even leave primary school. At the same time, others might be prone to it as teenagers or adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. Some people never have breakouts and are lucky enough to have serene skin, but the majority of the people know that the pain of clearing up those pesky unsightly bumps on your face at midnight because you’re all out of prescription cream you can afford that won’t go onto your student loan. This post discusses the best treatments for facial acne plus what you should know before deciding which treatment to choose for your skin type and severity of your symptoms:

Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

A benzoyl peroxide wash clears up mild to moderate breakouts. It includes one of the most popular topical medications today for mild-moderate acne vulgaris (the medical term for common pimples). Benzoyl peroxide works by oxidising and killing the bacteria that cause acne by generating free radicals that destroy the p. acnes bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide contains oxygen, making it a bleaching agent when applied topically to the skin.

Retinoid Cream

Manufacturers derive retinoids from vitamin A and are prescribed for mild-moderate acne vulgaris to help unblock clogged pores, prevent new breakouts, reduce oil production and balance your skin’s sebum (oil). Your skin builds up a tolerance over time to retinoids, so you need to use them for more than six months to experience their potential benefits. Your skin needs three to four months to adjust to a retinoid, so you will use the product regularly while waiting. If your skin is not adjusting well, it may take longer. Many doctors now prefer the newer formulations of retinoids because they use less irritation and more effective results than other retinoids that were available in the past.

Honey and Milk

Use a little honey on your face to remove all dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil that may be causing problems. Then apply some milk to your face where the honey was to moisturise it. Apply honey all over your face and try not to get any in your eyes or ears as it can irritate. Ensure you’re using natural honey that isn’t too sugary and has no added chemicals, such as Manuka Honey or Virgin Maple Syrup Honey. Then you can use warm water to wash your face and apply some milk where the honey was to keep your skin moist. Leave this on overnight if possible, then wash off in the morning for maximum results.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel includes one of the best facial acne treatment in Singapore because it employs a stronger chemical exfoliation to smooth out fine lines, acne scars, discolourations, and other skin imperfections. This product cannot be used on sensitive or oily skin types and can irritate, so you must start using it on the lowest percentage of your skin type. You can also combine this treatment with glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy treatments to increase your results and expedite your recovery.

Your doctor can help recommend the best acne treatment based on your unique medical history, concerns, symptoms, and skin condition. Once you have chosen your treatment option, it’s essential to stick with the treatment for several months and follow the instructions closely. If the product is not working for you after two months, talk to your dermatologist about changing your treatment option.

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