Best Hour Of The Day For Maximised Learning

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annie spratt 4 4WPFLVhAY unsplash 2

If you have ever faced a situation where you did not know what is the best time to learn and memorize things, you have reached the exactly right blog. Student or not, people need to discover the different timings in a day that helps people to memorize and understand things better. It is a scientifically proven fact that not every hour is well suited for the purpose, since our mind and body function differently. Before we get to know what is the best time to study efficiently, let us know the things that we definitely should not be doing before we begin an intense studying session;

Stay hungry

If you are looking for the best ways to not focus on your study material, staying hungry might come first. The best solution to this is having a few snacks, especially protein-based so that you don’t spend a lot of time selecting what you need to eat. Have some boiled eggs, or peanuts if you are a vegetarian. You can look up mail options even in the mobile teacher app these days! Isn’t Internet a wonderful thing? 

Never stay hungry if you plan on keeping the things that you study in mind. However, this doesn’t imply that you should be overeating, health is very important to not only keep you physically but also mentally functioning well.

Be sleep-deprived

It is extremely tempting for students to deprive themselves of sleep because a lot of the syllabus is pending. This can usually happen with you if you have an important exam coming up with no way around it. You may think that it is better to stay awake for long hours and study as much as possible. This might work against you most of the time, rather than for good. This is because when you are not recharging your mind, you are unable to focus. After all, your mind is clouded. 

To understand this, first, we need to realize how our brain works. Whenever we go to sleep, all the complex chemicals that have been building up in our brain have the time to break down into simpler forms. If you have ever felt dizzy due to the lack of sleep, it is because your brain is signaling you to do so. After all, it needs time to break these chemicals down. 

Sleeping eight hours a day is important for maximum productivity but it is naturally understood that students cannot do so before an examination due to the amount of work they have left, or the revision remaining. Try having at least six hours of sleep. One of the best ways to recharge yourself from time to time is taking either 9-minute naps or 20-minute naps. Because everyone is relying on mobile teacher apps, students tend to switch off their notifications which means that even your alarm clock might give up at times. Let your parents or family members know then you need to be awake and studying so that your 20-minute nap does not turn into a three-hour one.

An unorganized desk

Unorganized desks are the number one reasons student lose focus and tend to take up other activities rather than studying. The location of your desk is equally important, always ensured that it is situated at a quiet place in your house to guarantee maximum focus. Keeping it clean is not important, organizing is what matters.

Use the mornings

In India, our culture has always encouraged us to wake up early in the morning and get done with our work. This is not simply because of our roots, people in the early days had their ways of discovering the way the human mind works. Research finds that when we wake up because our brain is less clouded, we find it easier to absorb information. As we all know, the 12th hour is never good, try finishing your study session before 11:00. 

It might not be possible for students who follow a strict learning management system format where they have to attend classes in the morning. In such circumstances, quiet afternoons where you will be left alone with your notes and study materials from the learning management system.

Never rely on late-night sessions

Although proven to be useful for some individuals, this should never be the first thing that you try out if you plan to increase your productivity, especially during study hours. You are sleepy, you feel stressed, and the anxiety restricts your brain from focusing on the subject.

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