All you need to know about International Travel Medicine Clinic

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Travel medicine is a highly dynamic department that mainly focuses on providing pre-travel preventive medical care. It usually entails giving each traveller a comprehensive risk assessment in order to accurately evaluate the traveller’s destination-specific perils. They also advise you on the most suitable risk management strategies to help prevent adverse health complications and promote your overall health during travel. Read on to learn more about international travel medicine clinics.

Why Visit a Travel Clinic?

 The most notable benefit of visiting an international travel medicine clinic is that you will be able to avoid the occurrence of health issues that may inconvenience your trip. Below are some of the other main reasons why you should visit a travel medicine clinic before your trip:

 1. Obtain medicine to treat your diseases

 When you visit any travel medicine clinic, you will be prescribed medication to treat the common illnesses associated with general overseas travel and location-specific illness. This medication can also help treat diarrhoea, motion sickness, malaria, and other health issues.

 2. Discuss safe travel habits

 Your travel medicine provider may also guide you on some tips for safe travel. This may include monitoring your alcohol intake and mentioning group travelling at night. You may also be advised to adhere to practices that will minimise the risk of you falling sick while on your trip.

 3. Get vaccinated

 Vaccinations are a sure way of ensuring you do not get sick from infections and illnesses while travelling abroad. When you visit any travel medicine clinic, the travel experts will vaccinate you with certain vaccines depending on your travel destination.

 4. Discuss safety requirements for persons with special health needs

 Since travellers have different travel safety and health concerns, your travel medicine expert will provide some additional travel care to ensure you are completely safe while enjoying your trip. In some cases, you might need to get some additional vaccinations to prevent the risk of infections and illnesses.

 5. Receive education on water and food safety.

 It is important to be fully aware of what you eat and drip while on your trip to avoid falling sick. During your visit to a travel clinic, you will receive some reliable insights on safe water and food habits.

 What else do you need to do before travelling abroad?

 In addition, to visit a travel clinic, the following are some other important things you need to do before travelling:

 · Get your destination’s health advice. Depending on the location you are planning to travel to and what you plan on doing there, it is important first to be aware of the location’s health status.

 · Make an appointment with your doctor. This should be at least one month before your travelling date. Your doctor will work closely with you to come up with a suitable health plan for you during your trip.

 · Consider travel insurance. This may include medical evacuation insurance which may become handy when you become injured or ill in remote areas. This insurance cover will cover the cost of transporting you to a place where you can receive the needed medical treatment.

 · Pack smart. Packing smart involves packing all the vital things you will need for your trip, such as; over-the-counter medicines, sunscreen, prescription medicines, insect repellent, first aid items, etc.


 Travel clinics are very important in ensuring the chances of you developing serious diseases when travelling abroad are significantly reduced. They also provide you with services such as; travel illness treatment, expert travel clinicians, travel inoculations, and education on travel safety.

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