Advanced Bathrooms: More Than Just a Shower and Bath

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Bathrooms are becoming aesthetic relaxation spaces in homes globally, with more people decorating their bathrooms and adding more components. Plumbers are the need of the hour during these remodels and installations, providing a range of services for people to customise their bathrooms. The 15 billion dollar plumbing industry in Sydney is especially adept at providing an array of advanced services. Meanwhile, the average Australian plumber can do more than fix blocked drains in Sydney and can help upgrade bathrooms to the 21st century.

Additions to Upgrade the Bathroom Experience

Like most industries, the bath and shower industry in Sydney also evolves with constant technological advancements. As such, there is various equipment today that people can bring home to upgrade their bathroom experience, and some of which are:

1. The Smarter Pipes

Smart homes are more common today than before, with most homes having some “smart” features integrated into them. Likewise, “smart pipes” are a safety feature in the plumbing to ensure people get alerts of any plumbing problem or issue. This technology sends notifications to the owner’s phones about any pipe leaks, bursts, or other damage to the plumbing. This technology can come with a complete smart home hub, or people can also get them separately. Plumbers can install this technology in homes and also guide people on its proper usage.

2. An Advanced Faucet

Water conservation is a guiding principle for several plumbing advancements, and most technology aims to curb water wastage in homes. As such, the “smart” faucet promotes sanitation while conserving water by allowing people to control it via voice command and control the water flow. This touchless feature ensures sanitation, and these faucets provide optimal cleaning with their sensor technology.

3. The Luxury Shower

While water conservation is a primary concern, plumbing brands also focus on the customer experience. Subsequently, the advanced showerheads available today are a testament to these brands, with their range of settings. People can purchase shower heads with voice activation features, multiple jet features, water flow customisation, and more. Water conservation shower heads are also available that pause water flows when the individual steps away from the shower. 

4. The Next-Gen Water Heater

Water heaters are necessary for all homes and are responsible for almost 20% of a home’s power consumption in Sydney. As such, the tankless water heater took the industry by storm, as it allows for instant water heating. Earlier models came with a storage tank for water, and people had to wait a while before getting hot water. But today, the heater comes with more advanced settings like hot water circulation and energy-saving features. Hence, people can get instant hot water without any wastage using circulation technology. Besides, the power-saving features help reduce the heater’s power consumption, allowing people to use them longer.

5. The Greywater Revolution

The latest significant advancement in Sydney’s plumbing industry is the Greywater recycling concept. Greywater refers to water from the kitchen, laundry, and other water outlets that don’t have waste in them. Greywater recycling helps filter this water for reuse within the home, like in faucets, irrigation, and more. This process is the peak of water conservation and poses no health risks to individuals. People can get plumbers to install these systems in their homes effortlessly and watch their water consumption go down.

While most people contact plumbers only when there is a problem, plumbers can do more than fix plumbing defects. Besides, plumbers are in the top 10 paid technicians in Sydney, and their range of expertise makes them always in demand. Hence, homeowners can contact plumbers to fix blocked drains in Sydney and regularly maintain their plumbing, which costs less than fixing plumbing issues. Plumbers can also inspect homes and suggest advancements within budget. Meanwhile, people should ensure to hire plumbers from renowned agencies for an optimal service experience.

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