A2 Hosting Review and Is It Best for Your Site?

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austin distel Hg3BHX6U5jg unsplash

A2 Hosting is officially launched by the Bryan Muthing in 2001. A2 Hosting is also known as “Hight Porwe Hosting”. The first priority of these hosting providers is to give you high-speed hosting. This hosting uses the SSDs “Turbo Server” that is 20 times faster than a non-SSD server and it also helps to load pages quickly.

The main focus of A2 hosting is to provide the lightning-fast loading times, provide all developer tools, 99.9% uptime, and provide the first-class 24/7 customer support. 

If you are looking for a high speed hosting at a cheap price ($2.96 p/m) then  A2 Hosting is the best choice to grow faster your website, but after the first plan and then you will get to see the aggressive renewal rates.

General information about A2 Hosting

OUR VERDICTProvides Fastest Shared Web Hosting
SUPPORT24/7 365 days support
APPLICATIONSWordPress, Joomla, Drupal, And Magento
FEATURESFree SSL certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, and Storage and money-back guarantee
HOSTING PLANSShared, VPS, Dedicated Servers, WordPress, and Reseller
SITE TRANSFERSingle Free Site Transfer
PRICINGStarting plan is $2.96 and renew @ $8.99 p/m.

Advantages of Using the A2 Hosting

1) Fastest Shared Hosting up to (317ms)

The primary focus of A2 hosting is to provide the High-speed hosting and the name of each plan is based on the speed for example (“Swift” and “Turbo”).

a2 hosting company claims that no one else can provide faster hosting service. The fast speed of hosting attracts the customer toward you.

A2 hosting average load time

2) Customer-friendly Support

Customer support is a crucial part of every hosting company. A2 hosting company provides support in three ways. 

  • There are thousands of articles are available on the internet about support. By reading these articles you can fix your problem by your self.
  • You can also call the A2 hosting providers by dialing the support number, but it will take time to respond to your phone call.
  • You can also connect with support by using the chat method.

3) E-commerce and Security

If you are selling a product online then the security of customers is a very crucial point for that A2 hosting provides the number of e-commerce tools for example AbanteCart, PrestaShop, and OpenCart, etc. This tool is to help you to make a safe transaction of money without losing your customer details. A2 Hosting comes with Secure Socket Layer so, whenever you make any transactions then your data will be encrypted to the end so the chances of stealing data are reduced. 

4) Content Management System(CMS), Website builders, and Developer-Friendly Tools

A2 Hosting work with all the major Content Management system. In which you can use install the WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. By using these website builders you can create an attractive website for your business. CMS provides you the full functionality of the website and it is very easy to use. 

Disadvantages of Using the A2 Hosting

1) High Renewal Rates 

The starting plan of A2 hosting is cheaper than other hosting providers but after one month the price of renewal increases. if you are purchasing the hosting for three years then you will save your couple of dollars. 

The problem with this hosting is that when your first plan expires and you want to renew the same hosting then you have to pay the approx double amount for the next month. 

2) Restriction on Basic Plans

As I have already told you in the above paragraph the A2 Hosting provides the cheapest hosting($2.96/month) as compare to other web hosting providers. But when you compare your hosting feature with other hosting providers then you will get to see the major features of A2 hosting are restricted to access these features you need to move on the higher plans. 

A2 Hosting Price & Plans

The A2 Hosting comes with three hosting plans which are given below:

Lite Plan: 

This is a stating and the basic plan which comes with $2.96 per month. It is a complete solution for your basic website and here you can create five databases and you also get the unlimited Storage and Bandwith, and you don’t need to buy the SSL certificate. Here you get the Plus cPanel to access your website.

Swift Plan:

This is the most popular plan which comes in $3.70. Here you can add Unlimited websites, Databases, and Storage. Here you also get the free SSL certificate so you don’t need to buy it separately. You can access it from cPanel and you can also use the single-site migration.

Turbo Plan

This is the highest and costly plan for a2 Hosting. This price of this plan is $7.03 per/month. This plan has all the features of Lite and Swift plan and here you get the (20X uptime speed).

Is A2 Hosting is Best for your site?

“Yes”, A2 Hosting is Best for your site because whenever any user searches for his query and click on the link of your website if your website is taking too much time in loading the switch on the other side because the user doesn’t have patience. On the other hand, you are using the A2 hosting then your loading will be very less. So the user stays on your site and definitely he will use your service. If the user is using your service that means your profit will increase if the profit will increase then the amount of hosting doesn’t matter for you.

A2 Web Hosting Customers Reviews

Very fast response and polite team. The time I took to change the recommended settings, the solution only lasted a long time. I have renewed the service for a full year as I had also renewed support last time. There were no support requirements for his error. 

A2 Hosting Review:

By Amar Kumar

Very friendly customer support team.

 By Davaid

Always a great job and great pleasure to work with all the people in A2. I have always been pleased with the response and support of the entire team – keep up the great work

By Aroldo

A2 Support Tech is constantly aware of what they are doing. When I supported GoDaddy, I got runways and ups and downs. A2 Hosting provides me with courteous, professional, and timely responses as well as expert advice.

By Zar Ni

I am always satisfied when I call for help, the staff annoys me with organizing and professionalizing any obstruction concerns on their website, they fix the doubt within five minutes.  I was now four years old with a2hosting. I recommend everyone to join a2hosting fast service to solve any problem, be safe and ready. 

By David

A2 Hosting has helped me solve every problem that occurs during this project. They are fast and professional.

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