A Definitive Guide to Understand Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most important parts of building your website. It holds the key ingredient that allows your website to stay on the internet. There are different kinds of hosting available for users, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting. And much more. You can also get a cheap Cpanel reseller hosting as well, which is a great way to earn money.

Reseller Hosting

When you purchase a web hosting plan from someone else and resell the hosting plan to your own customers or clients, it is known as reseller hosting. In simple words, you are buying a hosting plan from one seller and then selling it as your hosting to another buyer at a higher price, it will be called a reseller hosting.

How to Start this Yourself?

To start doing this yourself, the first thing you need to do is buy a reseller hosting plan from the best Cpanel reseller hosting provider. The plan will generally come with a WHMCS license that has the capability to handle accounts and bills.

Once you have the details, all you have to do is set up the price for the reseller hosting as per your liking and put it up for sale. Generally, you would want to set the prices higher than the price you bought it at, to make some profit.

What kind of reseller hosting should you choose?

In general, you should go with a VPS hosting plan when it comes to reseller hosting. Since the VPS is a virtual hosting plan, it makes it easier for you to move from one owner to another.

Once you feel like you need to expand your business, you can shift from one plan to another without any trouble.

Are there any Profits?

When it comes to the reseller hosting business, they tend to be profitable. The only hard part is getting your first few sales. Once you start getting customers regularly, the process becomes easier.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting


One of the biggest benefits of getting reseller hosting plans is getting the Cpanel accounts for free. If you purchase a regular hosting plan, you will need to pay for Cpanel access as well. A Cpanel allows you to customize and manage your hosting and website on your own without any sort of restrictions.


It is much easier to manage domains when it comes to reseller hosting. Once you have access, you should be able to create custom hosting plans for the customers you are selling your services to. You won’t need to limit anything, such as disk space or bandwidth allocation.


Buying a single web hosting plan multiple times will be much more expensive compared to buying hosting plans in bulk when it comes to reseller accounts. Once you have hosting space in bulk, you should be able to sell the space to multiple customers and make much more money.

You can also store some of your own websites since you will have an abundance of space available.


Buying reseller accounts also give you an option to build and sell your own support services to your clients. These services can include, regular maintenance of your client’s website. Prompting their website or developing a design for the website.

And you do not have to worry about a single thing related to the server since all of this will be maintained by the Best Cpanel reseller hosting provider from where you got the reseller hosting yourself. Or this could even lead to the first person who sold the reseller account to you.

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