A Buyer’s Guide to Nike Air Jordan

Nike Air Jordan

Interested in building a shoe wardrobe but unsure where to begin? A  Nike Air Jordan is a good start.

Providing excellent foot support and comfort, you may be attracted to them. Due to the quality of the materials, this shoe costs more than most other sneakers.

If you plan to purchase, make sure to shop around for the best price. Newcomers to Jordan footwear may find the process intimidating. This is a handy guide to help you through the buying process:

Decide Between High and Low Cut

There are a variety of styles for Air Jordans depending on your preferences, including low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. Low-cut styles differ in their simplicity and are lighter than other sneakers. These are ideal for shorter treks and trails that involve less strenuous activities.

The collar is higher on the Mid-Air Jordans to keep out dirt and pebbles. You can tighten the laces with the metal lacing hook and keep your feet secure. Any style of pants or shorts goes well with these shoes.

A high-top version provides extra ankle support since the laces pass over your ankle bones. As a result, when you walk, run, or play, they can help prevent sprains.

Get the Right Size

Your foot measurements will help you select the right shoe for comfort and support. Try them on with your socks when buying them at a physical retailer. Then, take a walk in them to make sure they are convenient.

Good-fitting sneakers should feel comfortable around your heels without slipping. In addition, the toe room will make them more comfortable if you purchase them for playing.

To avoid acquiring tight shoes, take your foot measurements at least a day before purchasing them. When measuring the feet, stretch them out on the floor while standing up, then measure from your heel to your toe joint.

A 1/8-inch allowance should be left at the back of the heel for a comfortable fit. The shoe could cause blisters or skin irritation if it is too tight.

Look for the 100% Authentic Seal.

The term “100% authentic” should always appear on the seller’s website if you’re looking to buy authentic shoes. It’s best if you are wary of sellers who list their boots as “genuine.” Avoid sneakers labelled “variant, sample, or custom” because they are not likely to have been commissioned by Nike.

Consider the High-Definition Image

Be sure that genuine Nike Air Jordan pictures are clear and detailed when shopping online. There should be multiple photos and detailed descriptions on the listing.

When the shoe’s style number is blurred, request a photo of the shoe’s inner tag. Internal tags can also be a great indicator of authentic Jordans vs. fakes. Legitimate sellers won’t hide such information in the description.

It is better to avoid stock photos, small images, or no pictures. Avoid websites with these features. Consider asking for better pictures before purchasing from a legitimate seller.

Assess the Feedbacks

A great deal of positive feedback is a good sign that the seller is experienced. But, remember, feedback from sellers can also be faked. So, choose carefully.

Furthermore, it would help you avoid sellers with few or no customer reviews. The lack of studies indicates that the goods are most likely counterfeit. 

Use your intuition and do your homework. Whenever possible, avoid doing business with vendors that you suspect are shady.

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