7 tips for how PEMF therapy can help with any physical problem

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is not a medication, and it is non-invasive. It helps improve regenerative processes through biochemical changes in the body. It would be right to compare PEMF with exercise than with medications.

It means that PEMF, quite like regular exercise, is suitable for preventing various minor and even major physical problems. Thus, it is excellent for disease prevention. But, at the same time, it may help those living with various physical problems.

Although, the working mechanism of PEMF is not fully understood yet. However, there is no doubt that it works, as there are multiple US FDA-approved PEMF devices. US FDA especially recognizes the ability of PEMF to overcome pain and stimulate healing processes.

7 was in which PEMF therapy may help overcome physical problems

1.      Improves energy flow and production: Most traditional medicines like Chinese or Ayurveda have focused on normalizing energy flow. But now it appears that scientists have started to understand its importance. Studies show that PEMF may boost mitochondrial energy production and respiration.

It results in higher production of ATP and better flow of energy within the various body tissues, resulting in more increased movement, responsiveness, growth, circulation of nutrients, and greater resilience.

2.      Improve microcirculation: It appears that PEMF may boost endothelial function, cause vasodilation. It may also improve the movement of red blood cells. Early studies show that PEMF, if used accurately, may cause considerable vasodilation and improvement of blood flow to the tissues. Thus, it may boost healing processes and help overcome various physical problems. In addition, it may facilitate the delivery of nutrients to tissues and alter local immune responses. PEMF may also improve the oxygenation of some tissues.

3.      Detoxification: PEMF may also promote body detoxification and thus help in physical conditions. It may achieve this in multiple ways like boosting liver function, improving the working of kidneys, lungs, intestines. It also appears to improve lymphatic circulation and thus improves the transportation of toxins.

4.      Boost immunity: PEMF not only increases tissue oxygenation and microcirculation it also influences local immune responses. It may help overcome inflammation, increase the influx of white blood cells. It may significantly boost non-specific immunity, thus having a large number of health benefits. It may do so by influencing immune cells, lymph production, stimulation of nerves, and various other pathways.

5.      Endorphins and pain-blocking: PEMF helps block pain and improve mood by boosting levels of serotonin and endorphins. Endorphins are happiness hormones that are naturally produced by the body and have similar actions to opiates. That is why in some cases, PEMF may exert potent pain-blocking activity. Moreover, PEMF also helps reduce swelling, boost healing and thus help get rid of pains. It is especially good for common discomforts like backaches, headaches, and other physical conditions.

6.      Improve healing: Earlier, researchers used to think that stem cells were only present in the bone marrow. However, now they know that these pluripotent cells are present in almost all organs. Thus, every organ has some ability to regenerate. It appears that PEMF could be one of the ways to stimulate these stem cells, promote their proliferation, and thus boost various healing processes.

7.      Reduce anxiety and depression: Mood disorders like anxiety and depression have a two-way connection with physical problems. Physical problems increase the risk of mood disorders, and mood disorders make physical problems worse. PEMF has a relaxing effect. It reduces stress response, activates the parasympathetic system. It also increases the production of certain neurohormones and thus helping overcome anxiety and depression.

PEMF helps in numerous ways, and the culmination of these various effects results in excellent healing in various physical problems. One can procure different PEMF mats from Healthyline.com that provide PEMF and deep heat therapy, infrared, and much more.

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