7 Best Places To Buy Or Sell Used Kids Clothing

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    Buying kid’s clothing can be expensive especially if you are buying branded clothes.

    Many parents are always looking for places where they can buy used kids’ clothing for a reasonable price.

    They are also looking for places where they can sell their used kids clothing which they have outgrown.

    Kids outgrow their clothing very fast it’s easy to accumulate a lot of kids clothing in the house without knowing what you can do with the items of clothing.

    Here are 7 Best Places To Buy Or Sell Used Kids Clothing

    sell clothes online 2
    sell clothes online 2

    1. eBay

    eBay is a great place to buy or sell kids clothing.

    You can buy designer kids clothing at a good price. It’s usually a great idea to buy bundles of clothing there than to buy single items.

    It’s important as a buyer to look at the description of the clothing to understand the sizes and the condition of the clothing.

    Don’t hesitate to ask sellers questions regarding items of clothing you want to buy before committing to buying.

    If you are selling kids clothing on eBay you need to price your clothing in such a way that the buyers will be happy to pay the price.

    You can list your kids clothing such that you leave it for the buyer to bid for the price and you can place a reserve price.

    As a seller make sure you describe your item in a good way. Be aware of eBay, PayPal and postage charges when pricing your items of clothing.

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    2. Gumtree

    Gumtree is a site where local sellers put different items of things. hey are selling from kids clothing to baby equipment and toys you can kid it on Gumtree.

    There you will find kids clothing,baby equipment, toys and many other items.

    Most sellers price their items at a good price and they usually sell kids clothing in bundles.

    3. Car Boot Sales

    Car Boot sale is another great place to buy or sell new or used kids clothing.

    Do some research as to where to find your local car bot sale which you can go to.

    When you want to buy kids clothing from car boot sales it’s a good idea to buy out of season clothing, for example in summer months you can buy kids coats  this is when sellers are willing to part with them for a low price.

    4. Facebook Local Selling Sites

    There are many Facebook selling sites, look for a selling site that is local to you and join it.

    There you can sell and buy kids clothing, most sellers are willing to lower their prices you can easily get great bargains there.

    5. Netmums Nearly New Board

    Netmums nearly new board is a great place to sell and buy kids clothing whether new or used.

    Search on Netmums to see your local nearly new board.

    6. Local Newspaper

    If you have kids clothing that you are selling you can place an advert in your local newspaper for the buyers to see.

    You may need to pay a fee to place an advert in the local newspaper.

    7. Charity Shops

    Charity shops sell many things, you can buy used good quality kids clothing from there at a lower price.

    Make sure the items you want to buy are in good condition and you are happy to pay the asking price.

    Charity shops are not only for selling clothes some charity shops also buy used clothing.

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    Most charity shops buy used clothing usually charge per kilogram.

    It’s a good idea to ask your local charity shops if they buy used kids clothing.

    Over to you…

    Which other places do you buy or sell used kids clothing?

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