5 Tips to Deal with Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters

When it comes to food, all of us have a different behaviour. The food you like isn’t surely something others would go after. Our food preferences vary according to the culture we live and the taste buds we develop. 

Food behaviours are many and can vary from person to person. No matter if they are children or adults,this behavioral variation is still there. But the effect of this eating behaviour can go longer than we expect them to be. Not only does it affect our overall eating habits in the long run but can affect our growth and nourishment.

This is more important when we talk about children’s health. The lack of nutrition can lead to many other problems in future. But the problem of picky eating can be genuine and can go a long way. My nephew was the child who used to be a picky eater and I have seen that struggle very closely. Later we took him to top child specialists who treated him for the problem. 

How to Deal with Picky Eaters?

If your child is a picky eater, then you are just wondering how you can get out of this problem. Here are the ways that can help you through this.

1- Make eating more fun

Moms, we know you try your best but do you know sometimes problems can be in your menu. When you bring the same foods to the menu after each day, your child can get bored. This is genuine and your child’s health can suffer from this. So, to deal with this make sure you make eating more fun. You can use the same foods and cook them differently. Even cutting it in different shapes can be a great help. All this will make cooking more fun and make your child look forward to the dining table. 

2- Make them a part of activity

Cooking is fun and can be even more fun for kids. Knowing about this can help you to deal with picky eaters. When you bring your child to the kitchen and ask them to help you with the food presentation and even cooking, this is going to make them more indulged in this. This will jot only make cooking fun but after going through the process will make children realize the hard work you both put into the foods. 

3- Add colors to food

Remember, food will reach your children’s stomach after their eyes. It is human, it’s natural. We eat food first with our eyes and then taste it. Make sure that the food doesn’t only look to your tongue but to their eyes first. For this, you can use different vibrant colors. You can decorate the food in different ways so your children don’t find a way to know it. Other than this, you can cut it into different shapes to make it look more appealing. 

4- Make eating fun

One reason that your child is not eating properly can be the environment outside him. If people at your home will find their own places and eat a;one, this will less likely to make children think it like an activity. Whenever eating, make sure all of your family members are sitting at the same place and celebrate eating. Make eating a fun activity and indulge people in it. 

5- Keep distractions away

Presence of distractions in the vicinity can be one reason that your child isn’t eating well. These distractions can include mobile phones, toys and other gadgets. But if you want your child to eat better, then it is important to make them eat without these distractions. Many parents find it a way to indulge their child into such activities and keep feeding them. However, this is bad for your child and these distractions can be quite harmful.

Bottom Line!

Picky eating is a problem and many children suffer from this. The problem of picky eating is observed in children. The impacts of these bad habits can go on longer than we expect them to. So, it is always better to deal with the trouble at an early stage. You may try all these tips to help your child eat well and stay healthy. Otherwise, you can also go for professional help in this regard.

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