5 Tasks That Are Easy to Outsource to Third Parties


There will always be tasks in life that we struggle to find time to do, or just simply don’t like doing, so why not look at outsourcing them? None of us are superheroes, so there’s no shame in asking for a little help, and when you outsource, you can get professional help from an expert. Here are some tasks that are easy to outsource and give you great results. 

  1. Translations

Need to send something to a client or update your website with other languages? You can painstakingly translate it yourself, if you know the language, or you could use a firm such as www.globalcitizenstranslation.com to do the work for you. Professional translators are much better at doing this kind of work, as they can work with colloquialisms and foreign phrases, that can sometimes be difficult for non-native speakers to understand.

  1. Content writing

Content writing is another area that businesses often struggle with. This is because it’s something that may seem simple, but can be more complex than you think.

For smaller jobs, you might not be interested in hiring a copywriter on a longer-term basis, so how do you outsource? Using pay-per-head services is a popular option for creative services. This means you put your project up for tender and get quotes from professionals who can take it on. You then simply choose who you want to work with. What could be easier? Many platforms allow for reviews, so you can ensure you’re hiring someone amazing.

  1. IT work

Big businesses have the advantage of having their own IT departments, so if something goes wrong, there’s someone on-call to sort it out. But what about smaller companies? Outsourcing your IT can be a good way to get help and support when needed. It means you can get help such as:

  • Setting up equipment and networks
  • Trouble shooting
  • Fixing website bugs
  • Fixing hardware

Many outsourced IT services are done on a contract, which means you pay either a set monthly fee, or per job, for the IT work. This can still work out cheaper than having someone on salary, depending on the needs of your business. 

  1. Consultancy work

There are many areas where using a consultant can help you out. For example, business or financial advice, and consultants work with the government, businesses of all sizes, and sole traders. Consultants can be expensive, which is why you’ll probably outsource their services and use them as and when they’re needed.

  1. Customer service

Need to provide a 24/7 phone line or live chat for customers? You likely won’t need a full staff to do so, so why not outsource the job? Many companies outsource customer service, whether it’s locally or to people across the globe. There are many BPOs in the Philippines that have a good reputation when it comes to customer service so you might want to check and consider outsourcing your work to them.

Outsourcing can be great for small firms who struggle to get certain tasks done. It means you don’t have to worry about hiring someone on a permanent basis, you just pay them for the work they do. With many people working remotely across the globe, outsourcing is set to be more popular than ever. 

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