5 Common Mistakes with Cloud Storage and How to Avoid Them

Cloud Storage

Like any other modern enterprise, you have decided to leverage cloud storage for scalability purposes. One month into using cloud computing, you experienced a breach, and you ended up losing your data. After doing a bit of research, you realize there are specific mistakes with cloud storage that caused the event, and that’s why you’re here.

Most businesses know how important it is to leverage cloud computing for business continuity purposes. However, ignoring certain aspects of the cloud environment can have adverse effects on your business.

This article will divulge five common mistakes with cloud storage and how to avoid them.

1. Having No Data Recovery Plan

Data corruption could happen when you least expect it regardless of the safety measures you have put in place. Therefore, it’s advised to have step-by-step data recovery strategies that’ll be used in the case of data corruption. Not every storage system you use can roll you back to your previous state.

Imagine a scenario where all your data gets deleted and the most recent backup was done three months ago. Three months’ worth of data will go down the drain with minimal chances of recovering. Having a recovery plan ensures that your data is always backed up and the storage is flexible to allow immediate recovery of the data.

2. Failing to Avoid Vendor Lock-in

One of the greatest mistakes a company can make when storing in the cloud is failing to adopt multi-cloud strategies. Businesses now realize the benefits of leveraging multiple cloud storage suppliers. This is because organizations want to have the flexibility of changing from one cloud storage provider to another.

If you make the mistake of using one cloud environment for all your tech needs, the cost of cloud migration will be high. Make sure your organization has a quick and clear exit strategy from a particular vendor. 81% of companies have a multi-cloud strategy already laid out or working.

3. Failure to Train Employees

Migrating to the cloud environment requires a company to train its employees to make the onboarding process seamless. Your internal employees are the ones who will most likely be managing migration and the cloud security of your data. Ensure they have undergone training to equip them with the necessary skills to manage and protect your cloud storage.

4. Failing to Understand Cloud Shared Responsibilities

Security of cloud services is a shared responsibility between the vendor and the user company. Many enterprises fail to understand the SLA hence neglect all security responsibilities to the vendor. As a company, you need to know where your data is being stored and comply with regulations.

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5. Not Backing up the Data in a Hard Drive

Synching all your databases isn’t the same as backing up data on a hard drive. This is one of the most common mistakes companies make. It’s important that you backup copies of all your files in a hard drive as part of your data management strategy.

Protect Your Company’s Data by Avoiding Mistakes With Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is simple to use, but the simplicity creates room for mistakes. Use the above pointers to learn how to avoid common mistakes with cloud storage.

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