5 Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Pages

Video on Your Landing Pages

Do you know what a landing page is? If yes, then is there a video on the landing page? Should you have a video on the landing page? Ask the online marketers, and 87% of these professionals will tell you the significance of using videos for promoting products and services.

But why is it so? Why the significance and why this craze behind videos? There’s one common answer to all these questions, and it’s because videos are effective.

Place them strategically on the landing page of your business website and see for yourself how instrumental they are in showing off your stuff, giving visitors memorable moments, and increasing conversions.

Your digital marketing campaign will get a good boost if you create some of the most effective landing pages. And if these landing pages include a video, they can help generate leads and keep the same engaged. Eventually, these leads will convert into customers.

Here, you can take a look at the major advantages of using videos on your landing page. But before that, you must know what video landing pages are.

Video Landing Pages- What are They?

As suggested by the name, video landing pages use videos to persuade the audience. Most of the time, videos are the centerpieces of these pages, while sometimes they work silently along with images and copy to win over visitors.

It is important to use videos on landing pages, specifically when they support directly presenting the offer. In other words, if there is a landing page promoting a conference, it does not work to directly slap in the product explainer there.

You will have to use a suitable video for advertising the conference registration in the most specific manner. There are varied approaches you can go for when choosing the video style you want to include in your landing page.

Believe it or not but creating a good quality video for your landing page will not just take in a lot of resources but even time and effort. Therefore, it uses an online video editor that offers readymade templates for creating videos from scratch. InVideo will be the best bet here!

Over to the Advantages!

1. Videos on Landing Pages Help Audiences in Absorbing Information in a Better Way

You create a landing page for getting your prospective customers into action, right? But this endeavor will not be a success if you do not provide the audience with proper information. Now, getting all of that business information on a single landing page is just not possible.

And yes, you cannot use a lot of text because this might defer the leads. Why? You know quite well because people do not love to read things. They will soon lose interest in your written matter and in your business as well.

In other words, you cannot afford to overwhelm your audience with your landing page. So, what do you do? This is where video comes into effective play. You can keep the interest of your audiences intact by serving them good-quality videos instead of large text blocks.

Video is good at sharing a huge amount of information within the shortest period. Adding top-quality and informative videos to landing pages will help you connect with the audiences better.

You can communicate and share almost everything that the audience needs to know about the products or services you are offering. And yes, the videos on your landing page will play a dramatic role if you are dealing with complex products.

Complicated products are hard to explain in simple words. Nevertheless, you have the option of using videos for showing and explaining the products to your potential buyers. By going this way, you will be covering more information without using a lot of material.

But that does not mean you must lose out on written content completely. It’s a big NO here because if your landing page does not include written matter, it might not secure good rankings on Google.

The audience will better understand how to use your complex product in a more effective and faster way if you use videos explaining the same. Additionally, the advantages of your business offering will be conveyed more energetically through videos.

Going by reports, 62% of the businesses these days use explainer videos on their landing pages, with 97% of them claiming that this has helped them increase the understanding of their products and services among the users.

2. People Love Videos

People find it interesting to watch videos, and they even get the excitement of learning about products and services only through videos. As per surveys, approximately 28% of written content on a website is actually read by visitors.

And let’s face this gigantic statement that YouTube successfully grabbed more than a billion views every month. Well, who does’ nut like an informative or a funky business video?

The human brain is wired to watching and enjoying moving images. That’s why businesses should use more videos on their landing pages to give people everything they desire. Businesses can use videos to help people associate with their products and services in a better way.

Since observing is always the easy majority of the individuals would rather watch videos than read a complete page containing text. Recent reports put down that 79% of the consumers go for videos instead of reading text on the landing pages.

And above, with the short attention span that people have, marketers just have a few seconds to hold their audience’s attention. This again makes it crucial to include videos on landing pages.

That’s because if the visitors on your site need to go through written content for learning about your offer or your products and services, chances are they might not hold onto the same for long enough. This means a complete loss of conversions.

3. Videos Deepen Emotional Connection with the Consumers

You know this probably! When you watch a video, you feel as if you are there where the action is taking place. You feel like there’s a bit more engagement with the video. The same works for another individual as well.

When people, specifically customers, can relate with a brand or its videos more personally, it increases their bonding with the product or the service. The best videos that are able to connect with the consumers in a better way are the ones with their focus on customer-centric advantages.

For creating such videos, you will have to step out of your business-like thought procedure and get into the customer’s shoes. This will help you in showing the lifestyle issues that your products, services, or offer will be solving.

People are highly respondents to emotional signals. This is irrespective of whether they are completely aware of the time or not. Hence, it works to believe that videos have much greater chances of making an emotional connection between the audience and the brand than images and text alone.

But keep in mind; your video will create an emotional connection only when it includes some of the most persuasive elements like animation, music, voice-overs, actors, and more. For instance, top-quality music has the amazing ability to elevate a business product or offer.

It will spark an emotional connection with the audience immediately, but for this to happen, you will have to work on steps like:

  • Considering the story of your brand and the offer you are presenting
  • Identifying the emotions you are looking to evoke in the audience.
  • Choosing the music genre that is most suitable for those emotions
  • Getting hold of a song based on the steps mentioned herein.

The best is to use upbeat audio in the background along with a friendly voice-over. This will help you explain your products and services to your audience thoroughly and more engagingly and excitingly.

Good music and quality voice-overs will sure evoke emotions from the audiences, thus increasing a business’s chances of getting more conversions.

4. Videos Lead to Increased Engagement

What is your main motive behind creating landing pages? Of course, engaging the visitors, right? You want to engage your audience in a way so they get all the required information about your product and service. This, in the long run, will bring in more conversions.

Videos on landing pages are one of the best ways of keeping the visitors engaged. That’s because videos are the perfect blend of visuals and sounds, and these elements are quite effective in engaging the audience.

In fact, the audiences of these modern times are 10x more likely to interact with videos than text. People these days always prefer watching videos over written text because visual content is an efficient and quick way of delivering information.

In addition to this, people find it more difficult to engage with text than with videos. They absorb information better when it is presented in visual form. Not to mention, many site owners use copied material to save time and money.

People on a landing page stay engaged for a longer time if there are videos included on it. They will spend a good time watching the videos until the end, which automatically means that they will be there on your landing page and will constantly learn about your product.

Businesses these days face the challenge of driving conversions which requires making the prospects feel completely engaged with the brand. Including videos on landing pages is an excellent way of sparking instant engagement.

By capturing the visitors’ attention immediately, businesses have greater chances of keeping their interest intact in their brand and their products and services. And what better way of doing this than using videos on landing pages.

As per reports, visitors spend 105% more time on a certain website with a video included. More time on the page automatically means more time for conveying the brand message, more time for the message to sink in completely, and more time to make that lasting first impression.

Nevertheless, simply including a video on a landing page is not enough, and it will not bring in good results if it’s not placed properly. It is crucial to position the video in a location where you are sure it will be seen instantly.

There’s no perfect location for this but ensure designing the landing page in a way that the content does not get lost among all the other attributes.

5. Conversions, Conversions, and More Conversions!

Conversion is the ultimate objective of a landing page, and this is possible only when the visitors take action. As per studies, videos included on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

But, the question remains, How to convert leads successfully into paying consumers?

Videos are one of the most powerful tools you can use for this purpose. This is because they have the potential of getting the audience into making emotional buying decisions. By using the response elicited through videos, your business can nudge audiences towards conversions.

Also, when a business uses videos on its landing page, it offers audiences the scope of looking at its products and services up close. The audiences can see the products in action and even get closer perspectives of the visual content. This further offer leads to a completely detailed look at the products before buying the same.

When people get a more detailed perspective of a certain product or service, they recognize the brand and convert into loyal buyers. So, it would be correct to say that videos bring in more conversions than simple images and text.


Visual content has a major impact on the performance of a landing page. It offers innumerable advantages like increased engagement, conversion rate, and brand association. 

So, if you have still not included videos in your landing page, it’s high time you do it!

Start using visual content on your landing page today and bring in more profits!

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