3 Must-Read Books on Marketing and Sales

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Mentioned below are three must-have books if you wish to master the arts of marketing and sales.

Make a Killing on Kindle

This book by Michael Alvear talks about E-publishing and marketing our book by ourselves. Moreover, he provides pointers on exploiting the advantages provided by sites like Amazon for our benefit and hence, increase the popularity and simultaneously, sale of our book.

The first focus of a self-publisher is to garner reviews from different readers. The more reviews a book will have, the more attention it will attract of new and interested readers. Furthermore, the author suggests that only three favorable reviews are required to do the trick. The second trick is to utilize Amazon’s services like ‘Before you Go’ to remind our readers to leave a review for the book. This will help increase traffic

Finally, Make a Killing on Kindle advises the writers to focus on creating appealing book titles and creative and professional illustrated covers, providing a highly appealing description and pricing the book effectively, amongst others to garner attention and make good sales. If you wish to know even further about these tricks, you can read the free book summary and the audiobook summary on the RollingSlate website or app.

Never Lose a Customer Again

This book written by Joey Coleman highlights the customer and company relationship and provides us knacks on establishing a firm relationship with them and providing them our undivided attention. This will make them feel valued and encourage them to approach the same company should they require the services again.

The first quality to be inculcated by these companies is impeccable customer service. This will help build trust and robust customer-company relationships. The opposite is also true. Most companies invest in attracting potential clients but do not expend much on maintaining this relationship. If a previous client feels disrespected, this might push them away from our company to our competitors. Statistics suggest that nearly 20% to 70% of clients abandon the clientele company within months because of the aforementioned point. And it is true for all companies in all sectors.

Never Lose a Customer Again provides solutions to the dilemma. The author suggests providing incentives and benefits to consumers even after they have consumed our service. This ensures that they remain with our company for a longer period as well as refer us to their friends and relatives. One popular incentive is offering referrals to hose customers who refer the clientele company to others. This makes them happy and they benefit the company by becoming the spokesperson of the same.

Thus these are are some of the amazing ways to build a good client-clientele relationship. If you wish to further your company’s relationship with your clients, you can peruse through the free summary of Never Lose a Customer Again or listen to the free audiobook summary of the same on the RollingSlate website.

Perennial Seller

This book by Ryan Holiday talks about bringing our innovative ideas to life and leaving our mark behind in History. The author shares numerous insights to leave a lasting impression on our generation and inspire the next.

Perennial Seller states that bringing an idea to life is an art. We need to be creative while launching the idea, which could be in the form of a novel or perhaps a product. However, we also need to take the reins when it comes to marketing and advertising the same. Professional help is also required to point out the flaws in our project and who will help us in our endeavor. They need to be authoritarian in their field and someone who can provide frank but highly reliable suggestions. The third phase is editing our project to ensure it is a masterpiece. Editing puts the suggestions provided by our professional help into use and helps make our project more attractive and viable.

Then comes marketing and the various ways to advertise our product. Marketing depends on our skills and each person can come up with their unique way. It could be done through word of mouth or can be performed by launching our products on popular platforms. This will ensure that we keep in touch with our fans and helps us evolve as a developer.

There are many other nuances shared by the author in his book. The book summary and the audiobook summary of Perennial Seller are available on the RollingSlate website and app if you wish to know further about mastering the art of bringing your product to life.

Thus, these are some of the best books available in the market which make you much adept at marketing and sales and help you in your future endeavors.

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