3 Great Destinations for Globe Trekking Volunteers

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Traveling can be life-changing and personally affect you in different ways. By moving from one place to another, you have the opportunity of meeting new people. Traveling also allows you to experience other cultural practices from around the world.

Local foods and sceneries play an essential role in ensuring that you build memories. However, being a tourist can significantly reduce the possible benefits of world travel. Monuments and worn-out structures do not expose you to the local cultures.

Volunteering can thus be an excellent alternative to ensure effective cultural interaction. Volunteering is also a purposeful trip with intended goals in mind. It is suitable for a variety of people ranging from students to passionate travelers.

Here are some of the best areas you can volunteer and travel:

1. Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is among the fastest-growing countries in the world. Amid the great transition undergoing in South Africa, it lacks enough teachers. Everyday volunteering activities in the country include music and English teaching.

The education system is still not stable to provide these essential services. You can participate in volunteering activities involving HIV/AIDS counseling. The country has a significant number of cases due to myths that surround the virus. As a result, you can work to sensitize the dangers of HIV and promote safe sex ideologies.

Moreover, South Africa is a culture-rich country that can offer you incredible experiences. The South Africans also come from different origins.

Not only does the country offer culture, but it also has splendid terrain suitable for hiking. During your free time, you can catch up with the beauty of South Africa on your hiking adventure. Hiking trails in the country include the Drakensberg trail and the Garden Route hike. A forest-guided path along the Cape Fold Mountains is also an option.

2. Pennsylvania, USA

The US is one of the countries that offer a considerable amount of volunteering programs. Pennsylvania, to be specific, has quite a several options to consider. Nature enthusiasts in Pennsylvania are among the recruiting groups for volunteers.

Volunteering in these nature organizations entrusts you with the roles of trail maintenance. Moreover, there are regular day shifts that require your attention as a volunteer. According to Conservancy, some of the other activities you undertake include:

  • Internet research
  • Event planning and coordination
  • Educating members
  • Administrative office tasks

Some of the commonly open spots that require volunteering include:

Hike leaders

Hike leaders help to lead hikes and suggest good trails.

Volunteer photographer

Your role will be taking pictures and videos for the organization’s website.

Pennsylvania offers excellent trekking surfaces for explorers. Trekking and camping in Pennsylvania are very suitable due to the large forest cover.

Half of Pennsylvania is under forest cover and home to national scenic trails. These forested areas are well suited for explorers who are constantly on the lookout. With over 35 trekking trails, you have endless options to choose from in your next trek.

Moreover, some trails are long and can take up to 2 days to complete. Ranging from rugged terrain trails to scenic ones, here are some examples:

  • Loyalsock trail
  • Mid-state trail
  • West rim trail
  • Appalachian trail
  • Laurel highland trail

Pennsylvania has a wide variety of options that will suit your choices.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is among the best cultural heritage centers you can visit. The Asian city has a series of old traditions and customs that go way back in time.

Unfortunately, Japan has no adequate English speakers. As a volunteer, you can participate in English lessons. English teachers are in high demand and offer a good way for you to volunteer your services.

Moreover, you can also opt to live with a host family and help them at home. You can teach their children homework and other related parent stuff.

Tokyo also offers you a chance to volunteer with people with special needs. These may include the elderly or the disabled.

Likewise, Tokyo has good trekking hikes that you can visit on your days off. The country trails are mostly around mountains and offer beautiful scenic environments. Some of the trails include:

  • Mount Koubou trail
  • Kinchakuda trail
  • Mount Tsukuba

Volunteering can turn out to be a fun activity as well as a memorable one. As you give back to the world, you also have the opportunity to receive from it. Consider the following destinations on your subsequent philanthropic acts.

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