10 Important Things To Do Before Selling Your House


When you’ve made the decision to sell your house, then you need to start paying attention to the surroundings of your house. Put your perspective as a potential buyer. When looking out to the surrounding area of your house, what would set off alarm bells as you stroll around? Is there anything you can do to improve the house? Is any repair needed? Do not worry, we will guide you through every process. Here are 10 important things you need to do when planning to sell your house.

Make Repairs

Look for symptoms of neglect inside the house, such as stained ceilings, missing tiling, damaged windows, severely scratched floors, and other issues. Check the outside for tuckpointing, patio pavers, and cracked or missing shingles. If you have a deck, look for loose rails and cracked floor planks. Make a list of everything you see, then choose what to work on first. Finding out what has to be done will make it easier for you to prepare the house in top condition before buyers come through.

Finish Impending Task

Every homeowner has at least a few unfinished tasks that take forever to complete. The guest room has to be painted, the ceiling fan you purchased last summer needs to be installed, and the pantry beadboard needs to be taken care of. Make sure to finish all impending projects in your house, before letting your real estate agent advertise your house.

Create Curb Appeal

Your house needs to leave a strong first impression. You want potential buyers to think “Wow! I could live right here!” To achieve this, you have to make sure the outside of your property is kept up, clean, and appealing to encourage the potential buyer to check out the interior. Maintaining the yard includes keeping the grass mowed, edging the pathways, maintaining the flowers and plants, and repainting the trim.


Your home needs to look livable, and by having clutter inside your house –it could be difficult for potential buyers to see that. It goes without saying that the hardest aspect of decluttering is getting started. Dive in by taking one room, or even a portion of one room, at a time. Donate extra household items, clothing, toys, and books. Don’t forget to clean up the objects on display in buffets, other glass-door or open-shelf cabinets, and everything on your shelves, tables, and worktops. 

A potential buyer can become distracted by excessive clutter on and in everything. Many personal belongings on the show can make it more difficult for prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. Consider also storing any political or religious memorabilia until you can proudly exhibit them once more in your new house if you feel that they would be offensive to others.

Use Neutral Color

Use neutral colors if you decide to paint the interior of your home. Neutral colors don’t draw attention and let prospective buyers picture putting their belongings in the house.

Clean The House

This is the most crucial action you have to do when preparing your house for sale. A house must be clean in order to meet the “move-in condition” criterion. Keep up the excellent job if you currently maintain a clean home, but if you are not the kind of person who cleans regularly, you might want to hire a professional who can help to do a post tenancy cleaning service for your house.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Your furniture is set up in a way that works best for you and your family. But before selling your house, you can also use your furnishings as marketing tools to assist in creating a pleasant setting while arranging your house for sale. In order to make it easier for people to move around in the rooms, you might also need to remove some furniture.

Uncover Windows

The eyes of the house are the windows, as Andy Dwyer famously stated. Take down any bulky valances, flouncy curtains, or heavy drapes that are hanging from your windows. You want as much natural light to enter your home through your windows. Most people prefer shades or blinds that provide seclusion with the least amount of obstruction.

Buy Fresh Flowers and Plants

Plant flowers in pots, window boxes, or your garden to add color and enhance curb appeal. But make sure to always keep an eye on the plants and keep them trimmed and well-watered. Fresh flowers in vases placed throughout the property offer color, and liveliness, and leave a good first impression. Some buyers might not care, but others will value this detail and see it as proof that your home has been well-maintained.

Create A Welcoming Entry

The entrance door will make a long-lasting first impression on the potential buyer. Make sure there are no significant cracks or overgrown plants on the steps or walkway leading up to the front door. Double-check that the door and the lock are in good condition and functioning correctly.

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