10 Benefits of Block/Neodymium Magnets

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People are not aware of the special magnet called neodymium magnets, also known as block magnets. Some think that it is a magnet for games, tricks or are bought for random purposes. But these powerful magnets are beneficial in many ways.

The neodymium magnets are used as stationery items and are used for industrial purposes. Sometimes, these magnets are installed in complex machines and electronic devices as well.

This article will list the uses of these magnets in everyday life and industries.

1. Collecting space dust

The most highlighting part of this magnet’s history is that it was installed in Mars Rover for collecting space dust from the planet’s crust.

2. Welding clamps

The neodymium magnets are used as welding clamps, i.e., to hold metal pieces for welding and drilling processes. Other magnets are not used for these purposes as they’ll start to melt after the temperature reaches a certain level. The neodymium magnets are famous for their high melting point, which makes them useful in industry activities.

3. Oil filters

These magnets are used in oil filters and oil pans. It helps to pull out metal pieces from oil, as ordinary magnets cannot withstand hot temperatures where oil is refined.

4. Stud finders

The powerful block magnets can find hiding nails in the walls irrespective of how deep they are in the walls and the size of the nails. 

5. Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is controversial, but many people opt for it, and they assure that they felt better after the treatment. The therapist uses magnets of different sizes to perform magnetic therapy on your body, which could last from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

6. Remagnetising old magnets

The only way to re-magnetize the old magnets that lost their magnetic strength is by using electric current or other powerful magnets. Neodymium magnets are strong enough to re-magnetize other magnets.

7. Magic tricks

The magicians use these magnets to perform many magic tricks. They control many things and trick the audience with those tricks, and only a powerful magnet can help them do these tricks.

8. Metal detectors

The neodymium magnets are used in manufacturing metal detectors, and only a strong magnet like neodymium can attract metals from deep underground. The regular and other strong magnets cannot function as well as the block magnets, and they start to lose their magnetic power after some time. 

9. Attaching name tags

The name tags are traditionally attached to clothing by the pins, but it always takes time to fix it on the shirt and sometimes it hurts the skin and damages the clothing. These neodymium magnets are suitable for attaching name tags to dress, and these strong magnets will not fall because of small jerks or sudden movements.

10. Compass manufacturing

These are good for creating compasses as they react to the earth’s magnetic field appropriately. You can also make a homemade compass with these magnets. Just google for a DIY homemade compass, and you will get hundreds of websites describing the steps to make a homemade compass with these magnets.

Pierce-free jewellery

The piercing of the earlobe and nose is painful, and many don’t prefer piercing their skin. People who hate piercing their skin for jewellery can opt for jewellery that uses magnets for attaching itself to skin.

There’s no doubt that neodymium/block magnets are beneficial in real life and industrial purposes. These are just the primary and most prominently known uses of neodymium magnets, and they are widely used in toys, manufacturing cars, electronic devices, and in many more places.

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